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Selling luxury is an art, it is not overindulge of a gold scheme or florals that over take the room. It is being able to walk into the room and breathe in the atmosphere which says, "I belong here." We have worked and aspired to create that feeling in every project we take on.

In designing a project with luxury being the first words in the brief, our interior designers explore, evaluate, plan and curate the client’s brief so that when the presentation is given, the client and the interior designer are one in thought. Don’t get me wrong, changes happen, sometimes as soon as you leave the client meeting you may get a text asking for changes, for this you make contingencies.

The art of selling luxury in interior design is to be able to bring your client’s concepts for the interior design of the restaurant, the house, the rooms, the kitchen or day spa to life. Then adding that the glamorous elements that will sell your new builds, have people line up to eat at your restaurant or make your home the creme de la creme. When receiving a design brief from a property developer or from a home owner, our goal is to create an luxurious interior that attracts a certain clientele or welcomes you home.

Too many people assume that interior design is about the furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), which is a part of the package. Interior design also includes concept building, renovations, new build design, 2d and 3d renderings and having a business acumen and project management. A designer’s eye are skilled at building out the imagination and identifying the imperfections of a building or room.

We specialise in refined bold designs with a glamorous appeal.

At our studio we offer luxury commercial, hospitality and residential design services. Your first step is to contact us via email: or our website: or call us on 0203 3092 8595 and ask for our interior design service.

Our services include:

Custom Design & Project management (Full Service)

Paint & Colour Consultations

Custom Furniture Design

Custom design for soft furnishings

Day spa Design

Luxury Home design

2D and 3D designs and Renderings

Art Consulting

Commercial - New Build Staging & Styling

Kitchen and Bath Design

Model Home renovations & New build design

Selections of finishes & Sourcing high end Furnishings

Retail Boutique design

Commercial restaurant designs

Country homes renovations

Furniture resource (globally)

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