Why name the business "1 RED DOOR LANE"

We have been asked on where the name 1 RED DOOR LANE stems from. Prior to working full time here at "1 RED DOOR LANE". I worked as a contractor in legal services which meant I needed to travel to my clients.

One of my clients was based in the English countryside, I rented a car and set out looking for my new client. On my way, I noticed that some of the houses in the country were in little villages and the roads were becoming narrower which meant you could see the details of some of the homes.

It was then I noticed the beautiful red doors on some of the homes in the villages and as a person who loves the colour red, "fell in love". My assignment with my client lasted for 6 months, so I changed my route daily so I could sightsee and view the different types of homes.

Having a love for interior design, the question I always asked myself was, what did the interior of these beautiful homes look like, do they have large fireplaces, did they have a country decor, or was it more modern in the inside. Basically what was the element of style in these homes.


Our design inspiration is to create and source items that will be used in country homes, city apartments, lofts or wherever you call home. We use our gardens, country fields, homes, and so much more as inspirations to make beautiful items for your home.

Welcome to 1 RED DOOR LANE.

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