A Beautifully Light and Luxurious Duvet with all the warmth you need, combining the softness of cotton with the comfort of down, the lightest of all the fillings, comes from the breast of the bird and its unique ability to trap air makes it exceptionally light. It is also luxurious, soft and fluffy as it doesn't contain feather quills. 


Made in Ireland exclusively for  us from 80% white goose down and 20% fine white goose feathers. All our natural duvets are pocketed to prevent cold areas, with 100% cambric cotton double stitched and piped casing.


"The All Seasons duvet is composed by two duvets one 4.5 tog for summer, one 9 tog for spring and autumn, in winter simply join them together with the buttons for a very warm 13.5 tog duvet" 


Duvet weight in grams per square metre:


4.5 TOG = 105 gsm

10.5 TOG = 245 gsm 

13.5 TOG = 315 gsm

All Seasons 13.5 (9+4.5) TOG = 210+105 gsm 


TOG is a rating system that measures a duvet's ability to retain warmth. The higher the tog rating, the more warmth the duvet will retain. 

Natural White Goose Down Duvet - Double



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